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Policy Reviews

Policy Reviews

We offer our clients annual reviews.  Life has a way of changing.  We relocate, we change jobs, our income changes, our family grows... life is a chain of events. What you needed last year may not meet your needs this year.  We schedule appointments for those life changing needs to keep you and your family fully and appropriately covered.  Be confident when facing those unexpected events. 

Coverage versus Premium

Coverage vs Premium

We will review your current coverages to determine if you are over or under insured. Being over or under insured can be costly. We will also determine if your are lacking an insurance product that could possibly cost your household thousands of dollars. 

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“ In 2004 Rachel recommended we purchase flood insurance. We had never purchased it before because we were not in a flood zone. Rachel insisted that our property was at risk due to the drainage ditch located right next to our property. We took her advice and purchased flood insurance to be on the safe side. In 2005 Hurricane Rita hit Jefferson County. Rita flooded our home due to the clutter of debris in the ditch, mostly wooden fences. If it had not been for Rachel's insight and competence we would have gone into debt repairing our property and replacing contents. We are grateful to Rachel and still continue to keep flood insurance coverage on our home in Nederland, TX. " 

Steven and Berta Clark